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Гъвкавостта на VBOX, съчетана с потребителски софтуер за шофиране, е идеалното решение за редица изпитвания за возия и управление.

Стандартните процедури за електронен стабилизиращ контрол, отклонение от осевата линия, смяна на пътното платно и изпитване на камиони и ремаркета, могат да се провеждат с помощта на уредите за автоматично регистриране на VBOX, заедно с нашия специфичен за приложението софтуер.

Lane Change Testing

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High accuracy data generated by the VBOX 3i and IMU, along with a dedicated software plugin for Lane Change, allows you to easily and accurately carry out lane change manoeuvres which fall in line with the "Elk Avoidance Test" / ISO3888-2 standard.

Electronic Stability Control Testing

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ESP-SR60-TorusS-in-R-Type-side-viewWith the recent introduction of mandatory fitment of ESC systems to passenger vehicles, manufacturers are faced with ever increasing investment in advanced testing equipment.

The documentation that describes test standards FMVSS126 (US) and ECE R13H (EU) gives an indication of the type of equipment required to successfully undertake the necessary procedures. 

VBOX test equipment is suitable for conducting sine with dwell tests without the need for ride height sensors or accelerometer packs, and can also be integrated with steering robots for consistent testing.

The 100Hz VBOX 3i, coupled with an IMU, provides highly accurate speed, distance, heading, and yaw rate measurement at significantly lower cost than the combination of accelerometers, ride height sensors and radar.

Additionally, the margin for error is lower when using VBOX as only a single integration is required to accurately measure lateral displacement, thanks to the very accurate speed and heading measurements provided.


Left: The VBOX 3i with IMU provide a stable base for the ABD SR60 steering robot Right: Complete technical setup, as fitted to a Honda Civic Type-R

Centreline Deviation Testing

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End of line testing determines that manufacturers must ensure their vehicles do not 'pull' to the left or right whilst being driven in a straight line and with no steering input. The VBOX Centreline Deviation package features specific software which allows for accurate assessment of a vehicle's ability to achieve this.

The system can also be used to understand the effects of side winds, suspension geometry errors, and deviation during braking and lane change manoeuvres.

The vehicle heading is determined based on data captured immediately prior to the start of the centreline deviation test itself - allowing the test operative to drive in any direction across the test pad - as long as the vehicle is kept straight before letting go of the steering wheel. This flexibility is useful for different proving ground layouts, and means that tests can take place in a variety of locations.

If a run is completed without a satisfactorily steady heading having been achieved during the pre-test averaging phase, the centreline deviation software will highlight and 'reject' it, allowing for immediate analysis and for further runs to be conducted. In this manner, complete accuracy and consistency of testing is ensured.

Aquaplane Testing

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Aquaplane MIRA

Aquaplaning by a vehicle occurs when the water between the vehicle's tyres and the road surface cannot be displaced, leaving a permanent layer of water between the tyres and the road surface.

This causes the wheels to slip and prevents the vehicle from responding to inputs such as steering, braking or accelerating. As a result the vehicle can go out of control, particularly if the steered wheels are involved.

To combat this tyre manufacturers must ensure the tread pattern they use effectively removes excess water. To evaluate the tryes performance, tests must therefore be carried out with a high level of accuracy and consistency. 

The RACELOGIC VTS Aquaplane software can be used alongside the VBOX range of data loggers. The plugins allow the user to easily obtain results for both longitudinal and lateral aquaplane applications, helping to gain a greater understanding of the characteristics and behaviour of the tyres under test.    

Watch the VTS Lateral Aquaplane plugin in use:  

Watch the VTS Longitudinal Aquaplane plugin in use:

VBOX Testing Equipment and Driving Robot Integration

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Certain procedures require the use of autonomous driving robots rather than human test drivers. This is not necessarily because the robots are performing a manoeuvre that cannot be achieved by a human, but because a level of consistency and precision can be reached in a short space of time. Once the investment in robot technology has been made, it can be quickly repaid in vastly reduced testing times.

VBOX equipment is increasingly used in conjunction with driving robots, with development of some ADAS applications being carried out in co-operation with Anthony Best Dynamics and Vehico, both leaders in the field.

For example: the VBOX 3i together with an IMU provide a highly accurate speed, distance, heading, and yaw rate measurement for use in testing Electronic Stability Control with an Anthony Best Dynamics steering robot.

The VBOX 3i Dual Antenna RTK outputs a heading channel derived from its antennas, coupled with an IMU which outputs vehicle yaw rate. This gives a very stable heading which, as a key component of the GPS data required for robot integration, allows for accurate path following used in testing lane change manoeuvres and steady state cornering.


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