ADAS 和安全

VBOX 系统可提供一种简易且精准的方式,用于测量和验证高级驾驶辅助系统。

Racelogic VBOX ADAS 测试系统可实时测量最多三辆车的参数且其位置精度小于 2cm,让开发人员能够轻松验证其产品的有效性。

Honda、Nissan、GM、Autoliv 和 Toyota 等客户皆采用 VBOX ADAS 设备测试其安全系统。

该系统的核心是一款具有 RTK 功能的 双天线VBOX 3i ,通过无线模块连接至一个 RTK 基站或另一个相当于“移动基站”的 VBOX 3i。

VBOX ADAS 产品允许公认行业标准的测试和验证,例如 ISO 15622(自适应巡航控制)、ISO 15623(前碰撞缓冲)和 NCAP 验证测试。

Adaptive Cruise Control

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Autonomous Emergency Braking & Collision Mitigation Testing

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Open Road ADAS Testing

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The Moving Base test solution allows engineers to test ADAS applications on the open road. It works by linking two VBOX 3i RTK units, with the system in the subject vehicle transmitting corrections to the target vehicle at an update rate of 20 times per second.

This replaces the need to implement an RTK Base Station with a limited broadcast range, and provides engineers with the ability to test on normal roads, over reasonable distances, among other road users and roadside furniture, to under 5 cm relative positional accuracy.

The accuracy is enhanced by employing signals from the Russian GLONASS constellation as well as a method which uses refined delta positions obtained from carrier phase measurements. This reduces the noise levels of pseudo-range measurements (raw distances to each satellite) and removes positional jumps.

In order to use Moving Base, existing VBOX 3i RTK customers will need to upgrade to the latest version of VBOX and VBOX Manager firmware, as well as additional 2.4 GHz telemetry radios.

Testing Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist Systems

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Blind Spot Detection System Testing

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Park Assist

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