11 December 2020

Brake trigger support added to VBOX Touch

We're pleased to announce there is new firmware available to download for VBOX Touch. The new firmware (v1.3) adds brake trigger input support and greater functionality for exporting test results.

As well as brake trigger support, VBOX Touch can now utilise digital input for event marking in data files using the Racelogic handheld event marker, and start/stop logging control, with the handheld logging switch.

Test result export functionality has also expanded to include saving results to CSV, which enables you to perform additional result analysis in third party software.

Brake Trigger Input Support

The new firmware adds support for the VBOX Brake Pedal Trigger. You can now conduct high speed trigger activated brake tests using your VBOX Touch, that are accurate to within 20 cm, and see your results in real-time on the colour touchscreen display.

Your device can also now calculate MFDD (Mean Fully Developed Deceleration); the maximal deceleration figure a vehicle can achieve, determined by evaluating performance when the vehicle is loaded up and braking.