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CAN Splitter Boxes

The RLVBACS024 allows more than one 5-Way Lemo   connection to be made to one 5-Way Lemo socket on a VBOX.

This is most commonly used to allow an RS232 and a CAN connection to be made into the same socket.

The RLVBACS024/1 additionally has a Simplex RS232 socket for PC connection in vehicle separation tests.


Digital Input Splitter Box

The RLVBACS027 enables more than one brake trigger to be used with a VBOX, or a brake trigger along with a start/stop logging switch.

  RLVBACS027 Digital-input-splitter

IMU Roof Mount

For use with the IMU04.

The IMU Roof Mount allows for an IMU04 to be placed directly on the vehicle roof, co-located with the GPS antenna.

It is the easiest and most accurate method of mounting the unit.

  IMU roof mount ACS216

USB to Serial Connecter

RLVBACS035 can be used with laptop computers that do not have a standard 9-way D type RS232 port.

  RLVBACS035 USB-to-Serial-connector

Clip-on CAN Interface

Tap into the CAN Bus without a physical connection.

The RLACS182 provides a quick and convenient way of tapping onto a CAN Bus when recording vehicle signals.

Available with either Mini-Din or Lemo connectors, the RLACS182 is suitable for use with most Racelogic systems.

  RLVBACS208 Clip-on-CAN-interface

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