Power Supplies and Printers

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VBOX Power Backup

Maintains power supply to the VBOX 3i for up to 20 seconds to prevent data loss and the need to repeat system initialisation procedures such as IMU Kalman filter calibration.

Undesired power loss can happen during engine cranking, when the vehicle stalls, or the VBOX has been disconnected too early.

  Accessories VBPBU

5Ahr 12V Li-ion Battery Pack

A battery pack is especially useful if you cannot access the auxiliary power supply of your car or motorcycle, or if you want to avoid accidental data loss which can happen when the unit is power cycled before the data has been transmitted.

  Accessories ASC112

Thermal Printer

The RLVBACS026 is a rechargeable battery powered thermal printer for use with the Racelogic Multi-Function Display.

Printing functions include automatic printing of acceleration, deceleration, brake testing and lap timing results.

The printer is supplied complete with NiMH battery pack, mains charger and cable for connection to Racelogic Multi-Function Display.



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