VBOX Upgrade

If you own a VBOX data logger or speed sensor, you can now take advantage of some great offers when you trade it in and upgrade to the latest generation VBOX 3i (v5) or the new VBOX 3iS.

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VBOX trade in

Why should you upgrade your VBOX?

Technology has changed a lot in recent years and so have the requirements for automotive testing. The latest VBOX products offer enhanced accuracy and are designed for testing the very latest vehicle safety systems.

They also utilise wheel speed data from the vehicle's CAN bus*, which combined with GNSS and inertial data, makes a huge improvement to the accuracy of the estimated speed and position in GPS denied environments such as tunnels and urban canyons.

Which VBOX products can you upgrade to?

VBOX 3i (v5)The latest generation VBOX 3i is our most advanced data logger and is ideal for high-dynamic applications.

VBOX 3iSour new GNSS-aided Inertial Navigation System connects to your existing data logger and is a cost-effective solution for ADAS and Autonomous vehicle testing.


*Support for wheel speed data will be available in Version 2.7 of the VB3i firmware, which will be available from February 2020. CAN wheel speed data is already available in the VBOX 3iS.

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