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With its user-friendly interface and the ability to run multiple applications on the same hardware, VBOX Touch can help solve a range of testing needs. The device comes pre-loaded with a versatile Performance application and you can download additional apps below, free of charge, which you can easily install yourself. Please register your VBOX Touch in order to download the applications.

VBTouch App Speed Profiler

Speed Profiler App

Download button 01 Version: BETA
Uploaded: 14/10/2019

Ideal for durability, fuel economy and tyre testing. You can set a target speed for a duration of time or distance using the VBOX Speed and Route profiler software on your PC, which will generate an .SPP file.

This can then be loaded to the VBOX Touch using an SD card, once the Speed Profiler App has been installed. The driver will then receive both audible and visual alerts if they deviate from this.

VBTouch App Tyre Temp

Tyre Temperature Monitoring App

Download button 01 Version:
Uploaded: 14/11/2019

Measure, log and display the surface temperature of all 4 tyres in real-time on the VBOX Touch. The responsive, colour display offers a visual representation via 64 individual heat maps, as well as live and maximum temperature values.

In order to use this app, you must also purchase the Racelogic tyre temperature sensor kit (RLACS272).

VBTouch App Tyre Temp

Multi-Function Display App

Download button 01 Version:
Uploaded: 09/10/2020

The Multi-Function Display app allows you to use the VBOX Touch as a display when connected to a VBOX 3i. It will show data from GPS derived channels that are outputted over CAN.

Up to six parameters can be displayed on a single screen, such as speed, lateral & longitudinal acceleration, radius of turn, distance travelled, heading and various brake test channels. It can also calculate and present performance test results, live from the test vehicle.

You will need the cable 'RLCAB005-C' to connect VBOX Touch to a VBOX 3i.


How to install new applications

It is quick and easy to install new applications without any prior experience. You simply need to download the application that you require, unzip it, load it onto a compatible SD card (such as the SD card supplied with the VBOX Touch) and insert this into the VBOX Touch. You can then follow the simple on-screen commands which will guide you through the installation process.

Please note: Only one application can be loaded to the VBOX Touch at any given time. If you wish to switch between applications, you will need to download each application separately and install it by following the steps above.

Revert to standard functionality

If you wish to revert to standard functionality of the VBOX Touch, you can download the Performance app below, which would have been installed on the device when you first received it. Following the same steps as above, you can re-install this app on the VBOX Touch via an SD card.

VBTouch App Performance App

Performance App (Standard)

Download button 01Version:
Uploaded: 25/8/2020

The standard Performance application that ships with the VBOX Touch enables you to perform acceleration and deceleration tests, using one of the many pre-configured tests or by setting your own parameters.

Lap timing and speed display modes enable you to see your current lap time, reference lap, live speed, average speed or maximum speed.


Custom applications

If you have a need for a specific VBOX Touch application, please contact us so we can understand your exact requirements and let you know if it will be possible for us to develop the app or possibly even provide you with scripts to write it yourself. Please note, there may be development costs involved depending on the complexity of the request.

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