New VBOX 3i FW & SW released

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VBOX 3i Firmware  - What's new in 2.5 b20447

New Freatures & Functionality

  • Pass by Noise mode added
  • Standard VB3i
    DIFF LED behaviour change (see latest online documentation)
  • Kalman Filter
    Added Longitudinal and Lateral jerk channels
    IMU angle offsets no-longer cleared on software connection
  • Dual antenna
    Slip angle calculation stability improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Standard VB3i
    20Hz RS232 brake test data calculation fixed
  • Kalman Filter
    Fix for held speed observed around poor GPS conditions
    Fix for implausible speed values observed around poor GPS conditions
    Fix for erroneous behaviour possible with large IMU to antenna offsets
    Improved initialisation stability.
    Improvements for IMU03 Kalman filter stability performance
  • ADAS
    Fix to header file for Static point reference lane.
  • CAN output updates (see latest online documentation) DGPS solution type added Kalman Filter status moved

Download here.

To fully configure a VBOX 3i running this firmware, VBOX Setup is needed.


VBOX Setup Software - What's new in

New Features and Functionality in VBOX 3i Configuration

  • Vehicle CAN database added
  • Added ADAS mode setting to IMU Kalman Filter configuration
  • Update to Racelogic CAN output table
  • Added information for connected CANHUB
  • Improved channel presentation for large CAN files

Bug Fixes

  • Module configuration fixes
  • CAN02 baud rate setting fix
  • FIM03 properties UI fix
  • VB3i configuration
    No longer prevents the user from adding VCI CAN channels when separate Racelogic CAN bus is maximised
    Connected Multi-Function Display (DSP03) CAN channel parameter selection fix

Download here.

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