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Brake Pedal Force Sensor (RLACS282)

The pedal force sensor is designed to measure load applied to the brake, accelerator or clutch pedal. This is particularly useful when carrying out brake tests such as SAE J2909 or ECE regulation 13-H (Braking Assist Systems) as well as measuring other acceleration, deceleration or transmission shift events.

Thanks to its low-profile design, large contact area and universal mounting bracket, the sensor is easy to install and remove. A high overload protection (150% of FS) also prevents damage in the event of an emergency stop.

Other key features include an anti-slip spherical loading surface to minimize the effects of off-axis loading, very stable temperature compensation and brake pedal trigger compatibility.


RLACS282 Brake Sensor

Brake Pedal Trigger (RLVBACS004)

Precise measurement of brake pedal application during VBOX brake stop tests

The brake trigger event time capture is stored in internal memory and stamped into the VBO file to interpolate the speed between GPS samples which is the key component for a high accuracy brake stop distance calculation.


RLVBACS004 Brake Pedal Trigger 300

Brake Trigger Interface (RLACS157)

The Racelogic brake trigger interface module it is possible to conduct brake stop tests without employing a traditional brake pedal trigger.

This is ideal if the vehicle is already installed with a brake pressure sensor and cannot therefore also use a brake pedal trigger.

The interface is connected to the vehicle's high 12V brake light system, and when the brakes are applied, converts it into an active low 0V signal which acts as a trigger event for the VBOX. Connection to the VBOX is via Lemo.


RLACS157 Brake trigger interface

Start/ Stop Logging Switch (RLVBACS010)

Rugged and lightweight switch used for starting and stopping the data logging.

The switch is a latching push switch that, when in the open position, starts the data logging and when in the closed position stops the data logging.

The latching feature eliminates the need for constant pressure to be applied to the switch, ensuring that the driver of the vehicle can keep two hands on the steering wheel.



Hand-Held Brake Trigger/ Event Marker (RLVBACS009)

Mainly used for event marking or to start tests where the placement of a light barrier is not viable.

The hand-held brake trigger is only active when the button is depressed.


RLVBACS010 Logging Switch

Light Barrier Kit (RLVBACS063)

The Racelogic Light Barrier kit comprises of an optical sensor with power and trigger output connections, a Culman suction mount with a metal mounting plate for the optical sensor and a square plastic reflector plate.

The trigger cable from the light barrier unit connects directly with the trigger input of a VBOX and the power cable can connect to any of the 5 way lemo connectors on a VBOX to pickup power.

The kit is often employed in drive-by noise tests where volume output must be measured at exactly the same point in every instance.


RLVBACS063 Light barrier kit 300

Laser Light Barrier Kit (RLACS189)

Consistent logging of event marking and triggers.

The Racelogic Laser Light Barrier kit  comprises of an optical sensor with power and trigger output connections, a Bohle suction mount with a metal mounting plate for the optical sensor and 2m of reflective tape.


RLACS189 Laser Light Barrier Kit

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