Tyre Temperature Monitoring

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VBOX Touch Tyre Temp ScreenThe RACELOGIC Tyre Temperature Monitoring System (RLVBTTMS) has been specifically designed to measure, log and display surface temperature of a tyre, providing invaluable information to the test driver whilst on track.

It consists of four 120° FOV tyre temperature sensors and a VBOX Touch display for the visual representation of the tyre temperature.

The display shows the whole surface temperature for all four tyres via 64 individual heat maps, as well as live temperature and maximum temperature values.

Each sensor can measure up to 16 temperature points on an object with surface temperatures ranging from -20° C to 300° C.

Used with VBOX Video HD2

The tyre temperature sensors can also be used without the VBOX Touch (RLACS272). In this case the data can be recorded using a VBOX Video HD2 and the heat maps overlaid in real-time on the video. As this information is available on the video, it is extremely easy to interpret and see exactly what is happening on the test track.

Tyre Temp 680


These tutorials are designed to introduce you to the Tyre Temperature Monitoring System and guide you through the different functionalities and features.

VBOX Touch Tutorial

VBOX Touch Tutorial

VBOX Touch Tutorial


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