Collision Forensics

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VBOX-HDIn many developed countries the number of fatalities is falling even as traffic volumes grow, due in part to studying of the cause and effect of traffic accidents, which in turn has had an influence on the creation of safety systems now routinely fitted to passenger vehicles. This experience should aid those countries only now becoming heavily motorised.

There has been something of a revolution in the effectiveness of Collision Investigation Units in recent years, thanks to the uptake of superior apparatus – commonly employed by automotive manufacturers in vehicle testing, development, and validation - for use in accident reconstruction and simulation. Having been at the forefront of the vehicle testing market for several years, VBOX data logging equipment is a perfect fit given that it is portable, versatile, and user-friendly.


Accident reconstruction and simulation will often call for accurate measurement of speed and distance, so applying automotive testing methods to achieve this makes a lot of sense. More often than not, the evidence gathered from recreating the conditions in which a collision occurred needs to be presented in a court of law, so data presented in as straightforward a manner as possible is vital – video is the perfect solution. The Video VBOX is used by Collision Investigation Units to impart information that otherwise might be difficult and complex to convey.

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