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Most user manuals can be found via the Racelogic Support website, a searchable resource for all VBOX products, and represented by this icon: help

In the instances where the product has not yet been integrated into the Support site the manual is available for direct download and represented by the PDF logo: pdf2

Data Loggers

 Product  Product Code  Description  Updated  Download
 ADAS systems
 ADAS testing equipment  10/2014   help
 VBOX 3i Range
 All VB3i
 100Hz data logger with single antenna, dual antenna
 and/or RTK option
 10/2014   help
 20Hz single antenna data logger
 20Hz dual antenna data logger (slip)
 20Hz dual antenna data logger (slip, pitch & roll)
 10Hz data logger
 5Hz data logger
 10/2014   help
 VBOX Micro
 10Hz data logger  03/2015   help
 VBOX Speed & Route Profiler  RLVBSPR01  10Hz data logger & display  03/2013   help
 VBOX Mini
 RLVBM01  10Hz data logger  02/2015   help
 VBOX Sport  RLVBS01  20Hz iOS compatible data logger  06/2015   help
 VBOX LapTimer  RLVBLAP01  10Hz data logger and predictive lap timer  06/2015   help

If you cannot find your product manual above, please search for the right product code on the legacy page.


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