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Racelogic Support

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We believe good technical support is absolutely vital. Being responsible for final testing of all new products and upgrades, our Support team gain an in-depth knowledge of every aspect and feature of our products. 

VBOX Product Training

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Free VBOX training courses in Buckingham, UK

Exclusive to owners, our free one-day course will give you some valuable tips on using your new VBOX.

Get hints and tips on ...

  • How to get the best satellite connection before testing.
  • Recording, logging and outputing data.
  • Using VBOXTools software to analyse your data post processing or live.
  • Configurating test set-ups.

Whilst our systems are easy to use out of the box, our free training courses will help you get the most out of your VBOX.

Courses are held at our Buckingham Head Office. To register for the VBOX Training, please email your contact details and the training date to .

Available Dates (9am - 4pm)

  • 30 Mar 2017
  • 27 Apr 2017
  • 25 May 2017

Kostenfreie VBOX Schulungen in Deutschland

Exklusiv für unsere Kunden, bieten wir ein 1-tägiges VBOX Training mit wertvollen Tipps zur Verwendung unserer Systeme. Mittagessen inklusive!

Sie lernen ...

  • wie man die optimale Satelliten-Verbindung vor dem Testen sicherstellt.
  • wie man Daten aufzeichnet, loggt und ausgibt.
  • wie man mit VBOXTools Software Daten in der Nachbearbeitung und live analysiert.
  • wie man Test-Set-ups konfiguriert.

Die Kurse finden in unserer Geschäftsstelle in Weilburg statt.

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VBOX CAN Database

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Data Loggers

These .dbc files contain the default CAN configurations for their respective VBOX products. For users interfacing VBOX products with 16bit CAN equipment, we have provided equivalent 16bit databases.

To download please right-click the download icon and click on "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

 Data Loggers
 Product Code  Description  Date  
 ADAS Vehicle Separation
 RLVBVS02  CAN ID's for Static Point + Vehicle Separation
 VB3i/VB3iSL Firmware version 1.12b0021 required
 01/2017 right-click
 ADAS Lane Departure  RLVBLD02   CAN ID's for Lane Departure
 VB3i/VB3iSL Firmware version 1.12b0021 required
 06/2016 download-icon
 ADAS Multi Static Point     CAN ID's for Multi Static Point
 VB3i/VB3iSL Firmware version 1.12b0021 required
 06/2016 download-icon
 ADAS Vehico  

 CAN ID's for Vehico Robot Mode. 
 VB3i/VB3iSL Firmware version 2.4b19402 required

 01/2017 right-click
 VBOX 3i + SL + IMU KF  RLVB3i  VB3i CAN ID's  06/2016 download-icon
 VBOX Micro with VCI  RLVBMIC01C  VBOX MICRO VCI CAN ID's  01/2009 download-icon
 RLVB2SX  VB2SX CAN ID's (.dbc file)  12/2006 download-icon
 VBOX IISX Triple Antenna
 RLVB20SL3  VB20SL3 CAN ID's (.dbc file)  10/2007 download-icon
 VBOX IISX Dual Antenna  RLVB20SL  VB20SL CAN ID's (.dbc file)  12/2006 download-icon


 Legacy Data Loggers  Product Code  Description  Date  
 VBOX Lite (Legacy)
 RLVB2L  VBOX Lite CAN ID's  11/2007 download-icon
 VBOX III - 16bit (Legacy)
 RLVB3  VBOX III CAN ID's -16bit  06/2007 download-icon
 VBOX III (Legacy)
 RLVB3  VBOX III CAN ID's  02/2007 download-icon
 VBOX II - 16bit (Legacy)
 RLVB2S  VBOX II CAN ID's - 16bit (.dbc file)  06/2007 download-icon
 VBOX II (Legacy)
 RLVB2S  VBOX II CAN ID's (.dbc file)  10/2004 download-icon

Vehicle CAN Database

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John-reading-CAN-into-from-LotusRACELOGIC have acquired some CAN signals from a variety of vehicles for customers to use with VCI (Vehicle CAN Interface) products.

The most common parameters available are RPM, wheel speed, and throttle position. Steering angle and brake force are available for some models.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is provided as a general guide to CAN Bus wire colours only and colours may be subject to change without notice. RACELOGIC accepts no responsibility for damage or malfunction caused by incorrect wiring of its products to a vehicle. Any connection to a vehicle CAN Bus should be done by a trained automotive technician.

CAN Database Download

Please select the make and model of the vehicle to view the wiring information and to download the CAN .ref file.


Customer CAN Request

If your car is not in the list of vehicles for which we have signals, please raise a Support Ticket using the link below:

Whilst no guarantee is given that we will be able to find the correct database, we are always striving to acquire as much CAN information from as many vehicles as we can.

App Notes

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 Title  Description  Date   
 Oversteer / Understeer  Objective measurement of tyre oversteer using VBOX  06/2015  download-icon
 Swept Width of Articulated Vehicles  Measuring Swept Width with VBOX 3i Dual Antenna RTK  10/2013  download-icon
 Accurate Radius Of Turn  Calculating Radius of Turn from Yaw Rate  10/2013  download-icon
 Slip Angle Explained  What is Slip Angle and how is it measured  02/2012  download-icon
 R90 Brake Pad Testing  Why use VBOX for ECE R90 Brake Pad Testing  09/2011  download-icon
 Brake testing with VBOX  How to measure braking distances accurately  07/2011  download-icon
 IMU Integration
 Supporting GPS in obstructed areas 
 11/2013  download-icon
 Brake testing with Video VBOX  How to use Video VBOX in Brake Testing  10/2010  download-icon
 ADAS Testing Systems  VBOX packages for testing ADAS  11/2011  
 Pitch Roll and Yaw  Pitch, roll and yaw angle measurement via GPS  05/2008  download-icon
 FMVSS126 Testing  Dedicated FMVSS126 testing solution  05/2008  download-icon
 Centre Line Deviation  Measuring lateral deviation in vehicle trajectory  10/2007  download-icon
 Gradient Braking Distance  Performing brake tests on gradients  07/2007  download-icon
 Marine Testing  Using the Slip Angle Sensor on boats  06/2007  download-icon
 Acceleration Tests  Using RepGen to determine accel test results  05/2005  download-icon
 Brake Testing  Brake tests with CAN wheel speed data  05/2005  download-icon
 Coastdown Testing  Performing a coast-down test in a small area  05/2005  download-icon
 Drive-by Noise (English)  How to test Drive-by Noise  10/2010  download-icon
 Micro Input Module Guide  Using the module to pick up vehicle RPM  03/2010  download-icon
 VBOX USA Caterpillar  Articulated vehicles - from VBOX USA  03/2007  download-icon
 Tyre Temperature Pressure  Interfacing VBOX and tyre measurement sensors  01/2006  download-icon
 Brake Distances  Evaluation of brake distance accuracy  05/2005  download-icon
 Base Station  Evaluation of increased positional accuracy  05/2005  download-icon
 Speed Sensor Comparison  Comparison of non-contact Speed Sensors  05/2005  download-icon
 DAC01 and J1939CAN Bus  Connecting DAC01 to J1939CAN Bus  05/2005  download-icon
 VBOXIII and J1939CAN Bus  Connecting VBOXIII to J1939CAN Bus  05/2005  download-icon
 Magazine Tests Using MFD  How to configurate vehicle tests with no PC  05/2005  download-icon

ADAS Firmware & Software

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With the release of the new ADAS testing package from Racelogic, a number of firmware and software upgrades are required to ensure all aspects of these features are utilised to their maximum potential. Please read the upgrade instruction carefully.


 Documentation  Product Code  Description  Update
 ADAS Manual NEW  All RTK enabled
 VB3i variants
 Online manual for VBOX 3i units with firmware
 versions 2.1 and higher
  globe icon
 ADAS Manual  All RTK enabled
 VB3i variants
 PDF manual for VBOX 3i units with firmware
 version 2.0.86 and earlier
 06/2013   download-icon

ADAS Upgrade Instructions

With the release of the new ADAS testing package from Racelogic, a number of firmware and software upgrades are required to ensure all aspects of these features are utilized to their maximum potential.

  • VBOX
    The latest VBOX 3i Dual Antenna RTK firmware can be downloaded from the firmware tab. This firmware needs to be copied onto a Compact Flash card and then inserted into the module.

  • VBOX Manager
    The VBOX Manager requires the latest firmware which can be downloaded from the firmware tab. Upgrading VBOX Manager requires the latest version of Racelogic Upgrader which can be downloaded from Software tab. Full details for VBOX Manager upgrading can be found in the VBOX Manager user manual.

  • VBOX Tools
    To fully configure and analyse ADAS data using a VBOX 3i Dual Antenna the latest version of VBOX Tools is required. This can be downloaded from the Software tab above. Please follow the onscreen guide to complete the software installation.

  • VBOX CAN Files
    If you are using third-party CAN data loggers, make sure you download the relevant VBOX CAN files (DBC).

  • VBOX File Processor
    If you are testing Lane Departure systems in corners, you will need the VBOX File Processor plugin 'Lane Data Generation' to create DBC reference lanes from surveyed VBO files.

See to all other manuals

Legacy Firmware

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Data Loggers

These firmware updates are available to registered users only. If you have not yet registered your VBOX please go to the registration page.

 Data Loggers
 Version  Change
 VBOX IISX - Triple Antenna
20Hz, measures Pitch, Roll, Yaw (Slip)
 1.07 b0012  02/2011  right click
 100Hz VBOX III  RLVB3  2.15 b0002  05/2009  right click
 20Hz VBOX II & VBOX IIS  RLVB2S  4.5e  06/2007  right click
 5Hz VBOX II Lite & Pro Lite  RLVB2L  2.3a  05/2007  right click
 10Hz VBOX Micro  RLVBMIC01  1.10 b0003  08/2014  right click
 VBOX IISX - Dual Antenna
Hardware variants before S/N 37340
 RLVB20SL  1.07 b0012  02/2011  right click

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Why register your VBOX?

  • Download software/firmware updates straight from our website
  • Make your details instantly available to our Support Team in case you need any help
  • PerformanceBox and DriftBox users will be able to activate product features

After registering your unit you will be sent your USERNAME and PASSWORD or ACTIVATION CODE. Please keep these safe. 

(Please register the data logging unit only. Serial numbers from peripherals like displays and modules will not be accepted.

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