New Plugins for VBOX Test Suite

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VBOX Test Suite (v1.5.90.1622) comes with two new plugins and the addition of hotkeys that allow for even faster use.


The new plugin is programmed with all the boundary conditions for the NCAP AEB/FCW protocol, allowing you to validate your vehicle systems precisely. Each test condition for vehicle yaw rate, speed, lateral deviation, time to collision, and deceleration is displayed in real time, helping you to minimise the amount of time spent on the test track.

The three tests that make up the NCAP protocol (CCRm, CCRb, and CCRs) can all be conducted using the software plugin, for both AEB City and AEB Inter-Urban. Integration with steering and throttle/brake robots is a standard feature of the software, the hardware requirement being a 100 Hz VBOX 3i RTK dual antenna data logger and VBOX IMU04.

Lane Change (New)

In addition, the software has now incorporated testing for Lane Change manoeuvres, which makes the previous, standalone Lane Change software obsolete.

Included in previous versions:

Pass-By Noise

The Pass By Noise plugin allows for development programs to be completed to the ECE R41 and R51 standards, prior to homologation testing.

The software allows for noise emissions to be measured within R41/R51 parameters: steady-speed, acceleration with wide-open-throttle, and additional sound emission provisions (ASEP).

Brake Test

Designed so that engineers can conduct brake stop testing that conforms to regulations specified in all regions such as SAE J2909, the brake test plugin is configured to produce results based on speed to speed parameters; or by a variety of inputs - such as trigger, brake pressure, or position values.


Available for the European WLTP GTR15, American SAE J2263, and Brazilian ABNT NBR 10312 test standards, the Coastdown plugin removes the need for complex and time consuming post-processing calculations traditionally associated with Coastdown testing, which becomes significantly more straightforward using VBOX Test Suite.


The Test Suite Aquaplane plugins allow the user to easily obtain results for both longitudinal and lateral aquaplane applications, and gain a greater understanding of the characteristics and behaviour of the tyres.


The Performance Test plugin, recently enhanced with the ability to test Lane Change manoeuvres, enables you to set your own start and finish conditions or choose from a range of pre-set regulation speed and distance parameters, making it easy to begin testing.

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