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VBOX IISX 20 Hz Dual Antenna - Release Notes

Compatible Products (Product Code):

VB20SL-V3 (Hardware variants until S/N 37339)

1.07 bld0012 - Feb 2011

  • Serial output fixed for position
  • SDHC support
  • FAT32 support
  • CANVEL functionality added

1.06 bld0001 - Apr 2010

  • Kalman filter update

1.03 bld0006 - Jul 2008

  • Added VCI mode for logging data from vehicle / 3rd party CAN bus.
  • Added Time Offset feature to adjust file properties to local time (does not affect UTC time within file).

1.02 bld0004 - Sep 2007

  • Added ability to perform slip angle calculate offset procedure via CAN
  • Added Lateral Acceleration and Longitudinal Acceleration as analogue and digital outputs
  • Restructured front panel menu layout for greater ease of use

1.01 bld0194 - Jun 2007

  • Required for compatibility with VBOX Tools 1.7.3
  • Maximum antenna separation is increased to 5M
  • Pitch/Roll offset facility has been added
  • Slip/Pitch/Roll angle smoothing has been improved
  • Adds a module mode for use with another VBOX, as a sensor
  • DGPS modes can be enabled from the Front Panel
  • DGPS mode is displayed on the Front Panel
  • Improvements to the Kalman Filter routines

1.01 bld 0167 - Jan 2007

  • Fixes a bug that caused the Slip Angle to be shown as zero on CAN whenever negative

1.01 bld 0161 - Dec 2006

First release - requires VBOX Tools v1.6.4 Bld 03