The range of VBOX input modules allows for data capture from test vehicles and increases the functionality of our data loggers. Analogue, frequency, CAN, and thermocouple signals are integrated into GPS data and a combination of module channels can be recorded simultaneously. Our Inertial Measurement module outputs pitch/roll and yaw data as well as providing a smoothed GPS velocity signal when used in unfavourable conditions.

VBOX output modules convert from one signal type to another for use by third party data loggers.
Input and output modules can be used in standalone form, for connection to equipment other than VBOX systems.


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The VBOX CAN Hub simplifies equipment installation of VBOX data loggers and modules, and connection to the vehicle bus. Its footprint is the same as the VBOX 3i, so it sits neatly underneath.

The CAN Hub allows for an increase in the number of VCI channels to be logged natively on the VBOX 3i (max. 32), as well as the simultaneous logging and output of VBOX CAN. This is achieved by creating two separate customer VCI CAN ports.

VBOX CAN Hub also doubles the number of Racelogic modules that can be connected to the VBOX 3i. Previously it wasn’t possible to utilise the VBOX’s available 64 log channels via input modules, due to the bandwidth limitations of a singular 500 KB CAN port. The CAN Hub alleviates this by offering two 500 KB CAN ports.

VBOX Can Hub

The new hub solution is especially useful for ADAS testing setups by removing the need for a variety of splitters and additional cabling.

can hub before after


  • Simplifies set up for ADAS testing
  • Removes the need for splitters and CAN02
  • USB port for Racelogic Upgrader
  • Dedicated sockets for connections to DGPS modem, RS232 telemetry, and VBOX Multi-Function Display
  • Fits neatly below a VBOX 3i
  • Expands functionality of VBOX 3i with a second module CAN port and splits VCI port into separate VCI input and 3rd party data logger output ports
  • Increases the number of available log channels via input modules to 64

Download or print datasheet here.

CAN Gateway

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What is it?

CAN GatewayThe VBOX CAN Gateway is designed to control flow of CAN data between two separate buses. It allows logging of vehicle CAN or CAN FD bus data to a VBOX system while simultaneously allowing secondary CAN modules such as the Mini input module to communicate with the VBOX.

Under normal circumstances, attempting to capture CAN data from a car as well as that from a module would lead to VBOX and VBOX Module data being put into the vehicle CANBus – with unpredictable and almost certainly unwanted results. The CAN Gateway allows for both data streams to be logged by the VBOX without any of the module traffic going back onto the vehicle Bus.

When connected to a PC via the supplied RLCAB117 USB cable, the CAN Interface can be programmed using dedicated setup software to read almost any CAN format message and be configured to then re-transmit them onto the VBOX CAN bus.

Who is it for?

The CAN Gateway can be used by VBOX 3i/3iS owners and non-RACELOGIC customers to do the following:

  • Convert up to 32 CAN FD messages to CAN and output these on a different CAN bus
  • Isolate 2 CAN busses while allowing all messages to be transferred to a different CAN bus
  • Take data from one CAN bus speed and convert it to another speed
  • Filter data from one CAN bus and forward the specific data to another CAN bus


  • Allows the conversion of CAN FD messages to CAN suitable for use with VBOX products
  • Simple configuration software
  • 125 Kbit, 250 Kbit, 500 Kbit and 1 Mbit CAN rates and up to 4 MB data rates for CAN FD
  • Isolates VBOX data from vehicle CAN bus
  • Input up to 32 CAN or CAN FD data channels from vehicle or another CAN bus
  • Output 32 CAN data Channels to VBOX

Download datasheet.

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