RACELOGIC offer the full spectrum of add-on and replacement products including batteries, triggers, splitters, light barrier kits, switches and cases.

Triggers & Switches

Cases & Other Accessories

PBN Roadside Case


This case is placed near the Sound Level Meters by the roadside. It can hold the Mini Input Module, 2.4 GHz telemetry radio (RLRTM24MBC) and Li-ion battery (RLACS112L).

To improve the radio range between the sound level meters and the test vehicle, it is recommended to raise the height of the antenna. Racelogic supply an antenna mounting plate (RLACS254) which can be attached to a camera tripod.

Dimensions (L x H x W):  270 x 120 x 240 mm

PBN Motorcycle Case


This case is used for Pass-by Noise Testing but can be installed on motorcycles/ scooters for other testing. It can hold the VBOX 3i, CAN splitters, 2.4 GHz telemetry radio (RLRTM24MBS), Base Station radio (2.4Ghz or Satel) and Li-ion battery (RLACS112L). It has mounting brackets as well as a GPS ground plane.

Dimensions: (L x H x W):  340 x 145 x 305 mm