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Centreline Deviation Testing

Measure a vehicle's side wind susceptibility and line deviation tendencies to within a cm

  • Ensure a vehicle does not pull to the left or right in end of line testing
  • Capture reference heading immediately before test begins for true comparison
  • Help understand the effects of external conditions on vehicle behaviour
  • No set direction of travel across the test pad necessary
  • Free 'real-time' data analysis software

Centreline Deviation testing with VBOX

The VBOX 3i is the industry standard test instrument for non-contact speed and distance measurement, used by nearly every vehicle manufacturer in the world. It offers centimetre-level positional accuracy, providing you with the data you need to verify a vehicle's side wind susceptibility and line deviation tendencies.

The VBOX determines heading based on data captured immediately prior to the test, meaning as long as the vehicle is kept in a straight line before letting go of the steering wheel, the test can be performed in any direction across the test pad.

Highly Accurate

The VBOX 3i RTK data logger provides high accuracy speed, position and heading data, with a positional accuracy of less than a cm.

Live Display

Our free data analysis software, VBOX Test Suite, can be installed on a Windows computer or tablet within the test vehicle, offering real-time display of all measured parameters.

IMU Integration

Using a VBOX Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) improves accuracy and noise levels and enhances the dynamic response to velocity. IMU integration also combats satellite drop-out for up to 10 seconds without lock.

VBOX Test Suite analysis software

Our user-friendly, intuitive data analysis software makes the process of recording and analysing your test data as quick and easy as possible. The software is free to all VBOX users and can be installed on Windows computers and tablets, making it easy to test in real-time.

Multiple data sets can be analysed simultaneously in the workspace area, with a separate tab for each test ensuring all your data is available on one screen.

Testing Equipment

A typical Centreline Deviation test setup consists of a VBOX 3i 100 Hz data logger, which is available with a choice of single or dual antennas, and RTK, should you require cm-level position accuracy. A Racelogic Steering Wheel Sensor can also be used to accurately monitor steering angle.

Measured Parameters

  • Centreline deviation (<50 cm positional accuracy)
  • Vehicle heading (0.1° RMS)
  • Vehicle speed (0.1 km/h)
  • Steering angle (0.1° RMS)

Powerful 100 Hz Data Logging

The VBOX 3i is the industry standard data logger for non-contact speed and distance measurement, and can be used for almost any automotive application, including Centreline Deviation testing.

Steering Wheel Sensor

The RACELOGIC Steering Wheel Sensor connects directly to the VBOX 3i and measures a vehicle’s steering angle to within 0.1° RMS. It can be calibrated to ISO 17025 standard and is easy to install on almost any vehicle.

VBOX Speed Sensor (Optional)

Depending on the level of accuracy required, a 5 Hz, 10 Hz, 20 Hz or 100 Hz VBOX Speed Sensor can be used to measure speed, position or acceleration, if you do not require logging capabilities.