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Coastdown Testing

Easily assess rolling resistance & vehicle aerodynamics to WLTP, SAE and ABNT ABR test standards.

  • Test to WLTP GTR15, SAE J2263 and ABNT NBR 10312 standards
  • Break down tests into segments (no need for a long test track)
  • IMU integration for precise data in noisy GPS conditions
  • Clear and easy to use analysis software - real-time and post
  • User definable test ranges

Test vehicle aerodynamics with VBOX 

By capturing accurate and reliable data, the VBOX testing system provides vehicle manufacturers with the data they need to test the effectiveness of their vehicle's aerodynamics and the low-rolling-resistance measures implemented.

A common problem associated with Coastdown testing is the need for a very long, flat test track. The VBOX solution tackles this by enabling you to break down your testing into multiple user-defined segments enabling the full speed range to be subject to the same parameters. IMU integration also ensures precise data even in locations with noisy GPS.

Our dedicated 'Coastdown' testing software allows you to test to all major Coastdown standards including WLTP GTR15, SAE J2263 and ABNT NBR 10312.

IMU Integration

Integrating our Inertial Measurement Unit with a VBOX 3i ensures that accurate data can be captured even in areas with noisy GPS.


Perform tests in accordance with EU (WLTP GTR15), US (SAE J2263) and Brazilian (ABNT NBR 10312) standards.

Free Data Analysis Software

VBOX Test Suite is free to all VBOX users, available in ten different languages and pre-installed with dedicated Coastdown tests.

VBOX Test Suite with dedicated Coastdown tests

Our user-friendly, intuitive data analysis software makes the process of recording and analysing your test data as quick and easy as possible.

Dedicated Coastdown tests are pre-installed on VBOX Test Suite with a choice of test standards; the European WLTP GTR15, the American SAE J2263 and the Brazilian ABNT NBR 10312.

VBOX Test Suite Coastdown offers real-time display of all measured parameters, as well as customisable pass/fail conditions, so you can see instantly if your vehicle has passed the test.

A comprehensive report can be generated at the end of the test, providing all session information and results for post-analysis.

Testing Equipment

A typical Coastdown test setup consists of a VBOX 3i 100 Hz data logger and an Inertial Measurement Unit. Dedicated VBOX Test Suite Coastdown tests completes the package by making the testing and data analysis as easy as possible.

VBOX 3i 100 Hz Data Logger

A 100 Hz GNSS receiver provides highly accurate measurements of position, velocity and distance. It can also be connected to the vehicle's CAN bus to utilise wheel speed data.

IMU Integration

When used in conjunction with a VBOX 3i, data from the IMU can be seamlessly integrated with GPS to produce smooth velocity data even when satellite reception is interrupted.

Real-Time Testing

You can use a Windows laptop or tablet for real-time and post-test data analysis, using the dedicated 'Coastdown' plugin in VBOX Test Suite, our free data analysis software.