Speed and position. Anywhere.

Industry leading GNSS, Inertial and Indoor Positioning Systems.

VBOX Systems are used by vehicle and tyre manufacturers around the world for testing and validating a vehicle’s performance, handling and safety systems.


VBOX systems provide highly accurate measurements of position, velocity and attitude and are trusted by the world's leading automotive companies for all aspects of vehicle testing and validation, both indoors and outdoors, even where you cannot get GNSS.

ADAS Testing

Test and validate the very latest Advanced Driver Assistance Systems with centimetre-level accuracy, including Park Assist, Autonomous Emergency Braking and Lane Keeping.

Autonomous Vehicle Testing

VBOX systems can be used for validating the accuracy and performance of autonomous systems in real-world environments.

Brake & Tyre Testing

Accurately measure braking distance and pedal force in accordance with SAE and ECE standards, along with tyre performance, all year round.

Vehicle Dynamics Testing

Understand the characteristics of a vehicle and how it performs in different conditions with ESC, Aquaplane and Centreline deviation testing.

Pass-By Noise

Measure the noise emissions levels of your car, motorcycle, electric vehicle or tyres, in accordance with the ISO 362 standard.

Performance Testing

Our range of data loggers and speed sensors are the industry standard for acceleration, deceleration and coastdown testing.

About VBOX

The first VBOX data logger was launched back in 1992 and our equipment has since become the industry standard for vehicle testing and validation, with more than 10,000 VBOX systems sold to date.

We have regional offices in the United Kingdom, United States and Germany, along with a global VBOX distributor network. All of our GNSS, Inertial and Indoor Positioning systems are designed in-house, using the expertise and industry knowledge we have acquired over the past 30 years.

Our Customers

We are extremely proud to work closely with our global customers to help shape the future of the automotive industry.

Free Data Analysis Software

VBOX Test Suite is available in ten different languages and offers real-time data analysis, live from the test vehicle.

VBOX Test Suite

Our user-friendly, intuitive data analysis software is free to all VBOX users and comes pre-loaded with application specific plugins that make it quick and easy to conduct ADAS, Braking, Coastdown, Pass-By Noise, Performance and Tyre tests.

  • Over 25 application specific plugins
  • Live and post-event data analysis
  • Analyse multiple data sets simultaneously
  • Create your own custom tests
  • Customisable layout
  • Easily create charts, tables and reports