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A powerful data acquisition system


VBOX is quick to setup and easy to use


Ideal for ADAS testing and validation

High Accuracy GPS Data Logging for vehicle testing

VBOX is a powerful data acquisition system used for measuring the speed and position of a moving vehicle. Based on a range of high performance GPS receivers, VBOX data loggers will measure speed, distance, acceleration, braking distance, heading, slip angle, lap times, position, cornering forces and more with high accuracy.

All our GPS data loggers can be combined with a wide range of input and output modules, making it a flexible vehicle testing system which accommodates different needs and budgets.

Looking for the ultimate vehicle testing equipment?

VBOX is internationally recognised as a quality standard in the measurement of speed and distance for braking, performance, handling and automotive testing. With the ability to synchronise GPS with video, CAN and IMU data, VBOX systems are the choice of test departments at almost every vehicle and tyre manufacturer worldwide. See all VBOX customers here.

Common testing applications include brake testing, ADAS validation, Electronic Stability Control (FMVSS126) testing, aquaplane testing, coastdowncenterline deviation testing, marine testing and mining systems monitoring. See all VBOX applications here.

Due to the small size and simple installation procedure, the VBOX is ideally suited for use in cars, bikes, off-road vehicles and boats.

The VBOX 3i RTK (VB3iSLR) measures speed, position, acceleration, distance, slip angle and vehicle pitch/roll angle to a very high degree of accuracy and can be used in a much greater number of test scenarios. The VB3iSLR is ideal for validating Advanced Driver Assistance Systems such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warningAEB/collision mitigation and blind spot detection.

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