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4-6 June 2024 | Event

Automotive Testing Expo Europe

Join us at the Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart.

Exhibitor: RACELOGIC GmbH
Where: Stuttgart, Germany
When: June 4, 5, 6, 2024
Booth: # 8544

14 December 2023 | FW/SW release

New VBOX 3i Firmware and Software

All owners of VBOX 3i from version 5 onwards can now benefit from enhanced usability, precision, and overall functionality with a free firmware and software upgrade.

7 December 2023 | News

VIPS installed at CARISSMA

The VBOX Indoor Positioning System (VIPS) is now operational at the CARISSMA research facility of Ingolstadt Technical University. Professor T. Brandmeier explains how VIPS enhances their indoor testing and supports their advanced research.

21 June 2023 | Product Release

Introducing the New VBOX ADAS Sensors

Capture audio and visual alerts delivered as part of the ADAS human-machine interface. Designed to meet UNECE and Euro NCAP requirements, the sensors are accurate, small, easy to install, quick to move between vehicles, and simple to integrate with other equipment.

26 April 2023 | News

VBOX helps provide insights into the effectiveness of vehicle safety equipment

Discover how the VBOX system helped capture accurate measurements during vehicle and pedestrian crash tests at the World Reconstruction Expo 2023, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of safety equipment and systems.

25 April 2023 | Product Release

ADAS Testing Just Got Easier

Designed exclusively for ADAS testing, this versatile and intuitive data logger delivers a high-accuracy, Euro NCAP-compliant solution for testing on controlled proving grounds or the unpredictability of open roads.

| News

New 2.4 GHz Telemetry Radios

The new 2.4 GHz radios are certified for worldwide use and have a transmission power of +8 dBm.

28 July 2022 | News

MFT Touch now compatible with VBOX 3iS and 100 Hz Speed Sensors

The latest firmware release for the MFD Touch makes the multi-function display compatible with VBOX 3iS and the 100 Hz Speed Sensor, in addition to the VBOX 3i.

| News

Man v Machine – the Ultimate Battle for Safety

RACELOGIC’s Wesley Hulshof shares his thoughts on the challenges faced by the consumer in understanding driving responsibilities as varying levels of autonomous driving capabilities become more commonplace in vehicles.

| News

Euro NCAP and the Highway Code Close the Door on Endangering Cyclists

RACELOGIC offer a range of solutions to accurately measure, record and analyse the parameters required to meet the new Euro NCAP Dooring scenario, supporting vehicle system development, pre-testing and the official Euro NCAP assessment.

| Event

Webinar On-Demand

Watch our Webinar On-Demand on 'Making high-accuracy indoor vehicle and ADAS testing a reality' and find out more about the development, delivery and capabilities of our indoor positioning system - VIPS.

| App release

Update for Temperature Monitoring Apps available

Version of the Tyre Temperature Monitoring App (TTM) and Brake Temperature Monitoring App (BTM) add the Speed and VMAX parameters to the TTM and BTM main screens.

| News

RACELOGIC Ltd. achieves ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation

We are proud to announce that RACELOGIC Ltd. have achieved UKAS ISO/IEC17025:2017 Calibration Laboratory Accreditation. UKAS are the sole UK national accreditation body recognised by the British government ...

| Firmware release

VBOX 3i Firmware 2.8 released

Firmware 2.8 features some significant changes and brings additional functionality to the VBOX 3i, the Setup Software and VBOX File Manager. Read about the key improvements.

| Firmware release

Firmware update for VBOX Touch

Firmware version 1.4 adds new acceleration test screens (multiple tests like the original Performance Box, and best results), serial output (live data in Test Suite), and ...

| Firmware release

New firmware for VBOX Touch

The new firmware (v1.3) adds brake trigger input support and greater functionality for exporting test results, and bug fixes.

| News

VBOX-Verified SSC Tuatara Speed Test

Racelogic USA was contracted by SSC North America to provide technical assistance with measuring and validating high-speed test runs of the SSC Tuatara during testing and record attempts ...

| Software release

New version of VBOX Test Suite

A new version of VBOX Test Suite is now available to download. Our free data analysis software now includes a plugin (beta) for R139 Brake Assist, Category B testing, along with several new features and shortcuts, that make the software even easier to use.

| Product release

New Multi-Function Touch Display

The new Multi-Function Touch Display (MFD Touch) shows data from GPS derived channels, such as speed and heading, that are outputted from a VBOX 3i. Up to six parameters can be viewed in real-time on the large 4.3” colour touchscreen, giving engineers access to important information, live from the test vehicle.

| Product release

New RACELOGIC Steering Wheel Sensor

The new Racelogic steering wheel sensor is the perfect solution if you're looking to measure a vehicle's steering angle or torque, in tests such as ISO 4138, ISO 7401 and ECE R79.

| News

Live streaming - Share test data with engineers remotely

As featured in Automotive Testing Technology International, Racelogic offer a number of solutions for testing and validating vehicles with just one person.

Read the article

| News

Speed up the development of Autonomous Vehicles

As featured in Autonomous Vehicle International, we can help you achieve consistent test results in all conditions using hardware-in-the-loop simulation.

| Firmware release

VBOX 3i Firmware v2.7 released

This firmware version lets you reliably test in areas with limited or no satellite coverage, such as indoor car parks, tunnels and deep urban canyons, using the VBOX 3i.

| Product release

New VBOX Pedal Force Sensor

The VBOX Pedal Force Sensor with Event Marker measures the amount of force applied to a brake pedal and also captures the precise moment any pressure is detected, outputting a digital signal, which can be used to trigger the start of a brake test.

| Product release

New VBOX 3iS Inertial Navigation System

We have been working hard to improve the performance of our products in difficult areas such as urban canyons, bridges and tunnels, and the VBOX 3iS is the result of these developments.

| News

Online tutorials for VBOX Test Suite

VBOX Test Suite is our next generation analysis software which has replaced VBOX Tools in many test facilities. If you haven't tried it yet, please do!

We have created nine short tutorials to give you an overview of the main features and a basic understanding of how to use it.