VBOX Touch

VBOX Touch is a versatile and future-proof data logger, featuring a large colour touchscreen, brake trigger input support and the ability to write your own apps in Python.

  • 10 Hz GNSS data logger
  • 4.3” Colour touchscreen
  • Available with RTK for centimetre-level accuracy
  • Digital input for brake testing
  • Download apps for free

Key Features

Large Touchscreen

The 4.3" TFT touchscreen is responsive, great in daylight and allows you to see results instantly. High brightness LED's provide instant feedback on your current test run.

Free Apps

Download free apps from our website and install them on your VBOX Touch via an SD card. It is quick and easy to switch between apps.

RTK Option

VBOX Touch is also available with RTK, providing centimetre-level positional accuracy when used with an RTK base station or NTRIP solution.

Custom Applications

Apps are written in Python and you can write your own, including custom CAN based applications, using our database of sample code snippets.

Brake Trigger Input

VBOX Touch is ideal for performance testing; it offers brake-trigger input support and can also calculate MFDD (Mean Fully Developed Deceleration).

Powerful Analysis Software

Export and analyse your data in VBOX Test Suite using dedicated plugins, letting our software do the hard work for you.

Inbuilt GPS Antenna

10 Hz GNSS receiver with internal patch antenna for accurate logging of performance, speed and position data. An external antenna is also included.

CAN Bus Interface

VBOX Touch has two CAN Bus interfaces that can be used in apps such as Tyre temperature monitoring, or in your own custom, Python-based apps.


Centimetre-Level Positioning & Higher Brake Stop Accuracy

If you need a versatile and future-proof data logger with a centimetre-level accuracy, VBOX Touch RTK (RLVBTOUCHR) uses the latest GNSS technology that will meet your current and future testing requirements. 

Tracking the GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo constellations, it offers robust position accuracy and precise measurements of speed and distance, at an extremely competitive price. 

The device can receive RTK correctional signals using a Base Station or NTRIP modem, meaning you can have up to 1 cm positional accuracy at a test track or on open roads. 

When it comes to braking distance accuracy, VBOX Touch RTK records results to within 5 cm, whilst the non-RTK version is capable of recording results to within 20 cm. Both models offer brake trigger input support so that you can easily test a vehicle's braking abilities using trigger and speed-to-speed methods.

VBOX Touch Applications

VBOX Touch has an extremely user-friendly interface, and you can see your test results in real-time, live from the vehicle. It is the ideal data logger for many automotive applications, including:

  • Performance testing
  • Tyre/ Brake temperature monitoring
  • Durability testing
  • Brake testing
  • Lap timing

There are different apps available for each of the use cases, that are written in Python and can be downloaded from the Apps Store.

VBOX Touch comes pre-installed with a versatile Performance app, for acceleration and deceleration testing. The device offers brake trigger input support, meaning you can easily test a vehicle's braking abilities using trigger and speed-to-speed methods.

Each app provides you with the relevant information needed for that specific test, with results saved directly to the device's SD card. You can also export your test results as a CSV or VBO file for more detailed analysis in VBOX Test Suite.

Performance App (Default)

This application ships with VBOX Touch as standard and enables you to perform acceleration and deceleration tests, as well as measure your lap times, live speed, average speed or maximum speed.

Multi-Function Display

The Multi-Function Display app allows you to use the VBOX Touch as a display when connected to a VBOX 3i. You will need the cable 'RLCAB005-C' to connect VBOX Touch to a VBOX 3i.

Tyre Temperature Monitoring

Measure, log and display the surface temperature of all tyres in real-time via heat maps, live and maximum temperature values. You will also need the RACELOGIC tyre temperature sensor kit (RLACS272).

Brake Temperature Monitoring

The Brake Temperature Monitoring app gives you a real-time display of the temperature of each brake disc. In order to use this app, you need the Brake Temperature Monitoring Sensor Kit (RLACS314).

Speed Profiler

Ideal for durability, fuel economy and tyre testing. You can set a speed profile, load it onto the unit, and the driver will receive visual and audible alerts when deviating from the target speed or tolerance.

Please note that only one app can run on the VBOX Touch at a time. Once you have loaded a new app onto your VBOX Touch, you can easily switch back to the standard functionality of the device by re-installing the Performance app. Similarly, you can switch between other applications, by loading the one that you wish to use onto an SD card, and inserting this into the VBOX Touch.

Custom applications

If you have a need for a specific VBOX Touch application, please contact us, so we can understand your exact requirements and let you know if it will be possible for us to develop the app or possibly even provide you with scripts to write it yourself. Please note, there may be development costs involved depending on the complexity of the request.

Write your own apps

A collection of scripts to help get started in writing code for the VBOX Touch can be downloaded below. Each script demonstrates how to utilise one or more features of the product. Please see the Readme.txt for details of each specific app and how to run each script. For further assistance on writing code for the VBOX Touch please contact VBOX support.

Free Analysis Software

VBOX Test Suite

A recorded session is saved to the SD card as a .vbo file and can be imported into VBOX Test Suite. Our user-friendly, intuitive data analysis software is free and comes pre-loaded with application specific plugins that make it quick and easy to conduct tests.

  • Over 25 application specific plugins
  • Post-event data analysis
  • Create your own custom tests
  • Customisable layout
  • Easily create charts, tables and reports
  • Analyse data sets simultaneously

Technical Specifications


0.1 km/h (averaged over 4 samples)
Update rate
10 Hz
Maximum velocity
1600 km/h
Minimum velocity
0.5 km/h
0.01 km/h


4 g
Update rate
10 Hz
0.01 g

Absolute Positioning

Accuracy (Standalone)
H: 2.5 m CEP*
Accuracy with SBAS
H: 1 m CEP*
Update rate
10 Hz
0.00185 m

Absolute Positioning

Accuracy with RTK
H: 0.01 m + 1 ppm CEP*
V: 0.01 m + 1 ppm R50*
Accuracy with SBAS
H: 1.0 m CEP*
Accuracy (Standalone)
H: 1.5 m CEP*
Update rate
10 Hz
0.00185 m




0.05 % (<50 cm per km)
Update rate
10 Hz
1 cm

Trigger Brake Stop

±20 cm

Trigger Brake Stop

±5 cm

*Specifications will vary depending on the number of satellites used, obstructions, satellite geometry (PDOP), multipath effects, and atmospheric conditions. For maximum system accuracy, always follow best practices for GNSS data collection. 1 ppm means 1 mm/km away from base. Ppm is limited to baselines up to 20 km.

Please download the datasheets for full specifications.

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