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Park Assist Testing

Verify the accuracy of Park Assist systems in real-world environments, such as multi-storey car parks.

  • Test in parallel and bay parking spaces
  • Simultaneously measure up to 5 separation points
  • Survey objects like kerbs, bollards, line markings and parked vehicles
  • Free Park Assist testing software
  • Test in any environment - indoors and outdoors

Validate your Park Assist system with VBOX 

With real-time measurement and centimetre-level positional accuracy, the VBOX testing system captures the data that automotive and sensor manufacturers require verifying the effectiveness of their Park Assist system. At the core of the system is our flagship data logger, the VBOX 3i ADAS, which offers high accuracy speed, position and heading data. The VBOX 3i can be connected to an RTK Base Station or NTRIP service for centimetre-level position accuracy.

We offer a complete Park Assist testing solution, which allows you to survey the parking bay first, before using the equipment inside the vehicle to measure distances between the vehicle and the measured parking space. Our dedicated ‘Park Assist’ testing software allows you to test to ISO regulation 204/WG14 ISO 16787, in real-world environments, such as multi-storey and underground car parks.

Highly Accurate

The VBOX 3i data logger provides high accuracy distance measurement, with centimetre-level positional accuracy.

Indoors & Outdoors

VBOX systems can be used to verify the accuracy of Parking Assist systems either outdoors or indoors in multi-storey car parks.

Live Display

VBOX Test Suite installed on a Windows device within the test vehicle offers real-time display of all measured parameters including the closest point of contact to the surveyed parking space.

Reduce Test Time

You can see if your system has passed or failed the test in real-time, by easily configuring your own pass and fail criteria in the software, which can reduce post-processing time.

Realistic Vehicle Overlay

There is no limit to the number of vehicle measurement points that can be entered. Each point will produce at least 5 range channels; 2 relative to entry points and 3 relative to the bay sides.

Intuitive Analysis Software

VBOX Test Suite is free to all VBOX users, available in ten different languages and pre-installed with a dedicated Park Assist plugin.

VBOX Test Suite with dedicated Park Assist Plugin

Our user-friendly, intuitive data analysis software makes the process of recording and analysing your test data as quick and easy as possible.

A dedicated ‘Park Assist’ plugin is designed to meet ISO regulation 204/WG14 ISO 16787 ‘Assisted Parking Systems (APS) – parking with reference to other parked vehicles’.

The test itself allows the user to validate Park Assist systems by measuring the distances between points on the vehicle and the measured parking bay. Each configured vehicle point will produce 5 range channels; 2 relative to entry points and 3 relative to the bay sides.

The Park Assist plugin offers real-time display of all measured parameters, as well as customisable pass/ fail conditions, so you can instantly see if your vehicle has passed the test. The software is easy to use and you can see an exact replica of the surveyed parking bay on screen, which you will only need to map out and enter once.

Testing Equipment

A typical Park Assist test setup consists of a VBOX 3i ADAS 100 Hz data logger, RTK Base Station and a Survey Trolley to map the parking bay. A dedicated Park Assist Plugin completes the package by making the testing and data analysis as easy as possible.

VBOX systems are suitable for the following test scenarios:

  • Bay parking
  • Complex shapes like parked vehicles
  • Approach validation
  • Bollard objects
  • Parallel parking
  • Kerb features
  • Ultrasonic sensor testing
  • Line marking detection

Measured Parameters

  • Vehicle speed (0.1 km/h RMS)
  • Vehicle heading (0.1° RMS)
  • Perpendicular distance to all the bay/complex shape sides from any point on the test vehicle (0.02 m)
  • Straight line distances to the entrance points of parking bay (0.02 m)
  • Minimum straight line distance from the vehicle to any side (0.02 m)

RTK for cm-level Positional Accuracy

Using RTK correctional from a DGNSS RTK Base Station or NTRIP solution provides positional accuracy that's better than a centimetre.

You can easily validate the accuracy and effectiveness of your Park Assist system in real-world environments.

Logging Park Assist signals

If you cannot use the vehicles' own CAN system, a VBOX audio and visual sensors can be used alongside VBOX to record when an ADAS system has become active. The VBOX sensor pack captures acoustic and optical alerts and signals generated by the vehicle's advanced driver assistance system.

The output of the VBOX ADAS sensors can then be used by the VBOX to log the exact moment the vehicle safety message is displayed to the driver.

Surveying the Parking Space

Using a VBOX 3i ADAS data logger, a Base Station and Survey Trolley, the parking space can be mapped out and plotted to cm-level accuracy, creating an exact resemblance of the space.

Indoor Park Assist Testing

If you need to validate the accuracy of your Park Assist system in real world environments, like multi-storey or underground car parks, the VBOX Indoor Positioning System (VIPS) is the reliable alternative to GPS.

Using the latest Ultra-Wideband technology, the VIPS Park Assist solution provides you with RTK levels of accuracy and an update rate of 100 Hz, making it ideal to test many Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and robot controlled applications.

Video integration

If the vehicle carries the Park Assist operation data on its CAN Bus, you can use a VBOX video logger to simultaneously log and display the data in video alongside that of the GPS data. This gives you an exact comparison between relative vehicle position and onboard strategy data.

Graphical overlay is totally user configurable and can be easily altered to present relevant information according to the tests being conducted.

Free Data Analysis Software

Want to save time analysing your data?

Let VBOX Test Suite do it for you. The dedicated Park Assist plugin shows you live data from your test vehicle in real-time, showing how close you are to a line or object. The software is easy to use and an outline of your vehicle can be plotted in VBOX Test Suite, so you can see an exact replica of the surveyed parking bay on screen. 

Testing Park Assist Systems Indoors

If you need to validate the accuracy of your system in real-world environments, like multi-storey or underground car parks, the VBOX Indoor Positioning System is the reliable alternative to GPS. Using the latest Ultra-Wideband technology, it provides you with centimetre accuracy, as well as pitch, roll and yaw data, anywhere.

If you need a complete solution to validate your Park Assist system in real-world situations contact us for more information.