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Strain Gauge Amplifier

Amplifies the differential signals of up to two strain gauges to enable a sufficient analogue voltage input for a data logger.

  • DC isolated channels
  • 90 dB typical CMRR
  • Adjustable gain from 25 to 1000
  • Dual-channel

What is it?

Racelogic's Strain Gauge Amplifier (SGA02) increases the differential signals of a strain gauge to enable a sufficient analogue voltage input for a data logger. It comes with two channels and is user adjustable.

Each channel is DC isolated and designed for full bridge operation, but can be adapted for use in half bridge and quarter bridge applications.

The output range of each channel is ±9 V with input signal gain adjustable from approximately 25 to 1000.

How is it connected?

Wire connection to the amplifier is via screw terminal contacts for simple fitting.

Wires can be run into the Strain Gauge Amplifier using the three mini cables glands. This allows the lid to be replaced, enabling secure connections to the internal screw terminals without leaving them or the scale and offset adjustment screws exposed.

When using the Strain Gauge Amplifier in conjunction with a full bridge load cell, no additional equipment is required.

Technical Specifications


Operating Temperature
0°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature
-40°C to +85°C


Adjustable from 25-1000
Output Range
±9 V


Supply Voltage
6-18 V DC
Typically 90 dB (min. 77 dB)
Bridge Voltage
5 V ± 2 mV


Dimensions (L x W x H)
101 x 50 x 24.5 mm
160 g