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Data Loggers

These firmware updates are available to registered users only. If you have not yet registered your VBOX please go to the registration page.

 Data Loggers
 Version  Change
 VBOX IISX - Triple Antenna
20Hz, measures Pitch, Roll, Yaw (Slip)
 1.07 b0012  02/2011   right click
 100Hz VBOX III  RLVB3  2.15 b0002  05/2009   right click
 20Hz VBOX II & VBOX IIS  RLVB2S  4.5e  06/2007   right click
 5Hz VBOX II Lite & Pro Lite  RLVB2L  2.3a  05/2007   right click
 10Hz VBOX Micro  RLVBMIC01  1.10 b0003  08/2014   right click
 VBOX IISX - Dual Antenna
Hardware variants before S/N 37340
 RLVB20SL  1.07 b0012  02/2011   right click

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